New counselor helps students plan their future


The new face in the counseling office, Mrs. Jennifer Pavlu, helps students fix scheduling issues and plan their future.

The Jagwire: How long have you worked in education?
Jennifer Pavlu: This is my 16th year.

J: What did you do prior to coming to Summit?
JP: I was a counselor at Donna Shepard for two years, and prior to that I was a teacher at Ben Barber for eight years.

J: What are your duties at Summit?
JP: I’m a counselor, and I’m over last names Lov through Pi.

J: What made you want to work at Summit High School?
JP: I’ve always been a high school teacher, so when I got my masters in counseling, I wanted to do high school so I could help students plan for college and career.

J: What made you want to work in an educational setting?
JP: I wanted to be able to have a positive impact on students and help them pave a path towards their future.

J: If you didn’t work here, where would you work?
JP: I would probably be a buyer for some fashion company or something like that, that would be my dream job.

J: What hobbies do you enjoy?
JP: I enjoy traveling, working out, exercising, anything outside, spending time with my family and shopping.

J: Tell me about the best vacation you’ve ever taken?
JP: The best vacation that I’ve ever taken would have to be when we went to Costa Rica. We went deep sea fishing, enjoyed the beach and went zip-lining.

J: Do you have any fears about what you do, and if so, what are they?
JP: I don’t have any fears. I just hope that I’m able to positively impact each of my students in some type of way.

J: What do you like best about the students you work with?
JP: Getting to know each of them, how they’re all different and interested in different activities or getting to know their future plans and getting to watch them thrive in whatever they’re interested.