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Hey there! My name is Teri-Lynn Turner and I’m a senior here. Once you get to know me, I’m a pretty outgoing person. I’m shy, but once someone starts a conversation, I get out of the shy zone. I love making people laugh and cheering them up on their worst days. One thing you have to absolutely know about me is I’ll keep it real with you unless you disrespect me. Some other things I can tell you about myself is that it’s only my second year here. I went to Sam Houston my freshman and sophomore year. Things are totally different around here, though. It feels like it’s hard to make a good friend, but someone can prove me wrong! I love frogs. My hobby is collecting them. My two favorite colors are red and green. I love music. I listen to pretty much everything besides rock. Music keeps me in a positive mood. My motto is, “Life is hard, just push through it!”

Teri-Lynn Turner, Photographer and Staff Writer

The School Newspaper of Mansfield Summit High School.
Teri-Lynn Turner