The Jagwire

Hey! My name is Camilla Nwokonko. I am a new student here at Summit and I’m a senior. I love writing but never expressed it enough but I am so excited to be in Newspaper this year. I am originally from Dublin, Ireland and lived there all my life until 3 years ago, but my roots go back to Nigeria where both my parents are actually from! I like fashion, art and making a whole bunch of random stuff.  I’m excited to graduate and plan on going to Texas A&M in the fall of 2013 to major in something I love like journalism, or International Studies and hopefully go on to Law school sometime in the future.  I love music, and my favorite bands are the Head and the Heart, Vampire Weekend and Mumford and Sons.  Anywho, enough about me! Hope you all enjoy the newspaper this year.

Camilla Nwokonko, Staff Writer

The School Newspaper of Mansfield Summit High School.
Camilla Nwokonko