Movie Review- Finding Ohana

Movie Review- Finding Ohana

Isa Flores, Staff Writer

Sandy beaches, lush greenery and treasure hunts are a part of an adventure to connect two siblings to their heritage. Two Brooklyn kids, Plili and Loane, are forced to go to Hawaii for the summer to help their grandfather. The story encourages the idea of staying connected to one’s heritage and the importance of family bonds.

The movie starts with a rocky sibling relationship between Pili and Ioane. During the movie, they are forced to depend on each other while building trust. The overall plot is also great and easy for kids to follow, thus making it a great family movie.

The story follows a 12-year old girl, Pili, and acts as any child would.She is joined by several other kids to find lost gold. They have to keep pushing through challenges to survive and make it home to their mother and sick grandfather. 

It is reminiscent of Spy Kids 2 because the movie is also about a girl going on an adventure which helps her remember family is the most important thing.The movie ends light-hearted with some comedic relief and a happy send off showing how the family reconnects. I’d recommend this for a family movie night or if you just want a feel-good movie.