Homework headaches hamper students

Taken with an old Helios 58mm

Jose Luis Navarro

Taken with an old Helios 58mm

Haleah Ware, Staff Writer

Homework is a big part of a student’s experience. Almost every class gives homework on a daily basis. This can create large workloads for students. That is why homework shouldn’t be necessary or shouldn’t be given much.

Homework has made my own life just a little more difficult. It cuts down significantly  the leisure time I have outside of school. It is time that I could be enjoying, or de-stressing   from the already stressful school day. Instead, I usually have to use hours of my time on work from about four different classes. It is unfair that the time I should have to myself has to be spent on school even though I already spend most of the day there.

Homework has also had an effect on my overall wellbeing. When I’m stressed, it often shows up in physical ways. I deal with some chronic conditions, and when I am under a lot of pressure, it makes these conditions worse. The additional stress I get from homework seems to also affect  my mental health because stress can be incredibly detrimental to people’s mood. It makes me feel extremely overwhelmed and can affect how I express myself for days at a time. 

This is why homework should not be given, or at the very least, be given out in lighter loads. Students should not have to deal with all the extra problems it causes in their personal lives.

It is unfair to place such expectations on anyone.