High school teachers care


Tatiana Conley, Staff Writer

Coming from middle school into high school, we’re told we’ll have to meet certain expectations as a high school student. Things like having to be mature and needing to have your stuff together are a few of the things that middle school staff tells us about high school, but truthfully, it’s nothing like the way they described it to us. 

We all come to high school thinking we have to meet these extreme expectations, when in reality, most of our teachers are just happy we make the effort to do the work and come to them for guidance. They don’t expect us to be perfect and not mess up from time to time. Most want the best for us, while still allowing us to be youths and not trying to rush us into adulthood. 

High school teachers are more compassionate and helpful when compared to middle school teachers. You’re more likely to find a teacher who wants to help you do your best than you are to find one who will fault you when you lack. I can honestly say when I graduate, some of the most influential people in my life will have been my high school teachers, whether I liked them or not. They really help mold people into who they want to be when they get out of high school. Of course, not all teachers are the greatest, but they still have the most impact on us nevertheless. I appreciate my teachers for allowing me to make natural, childish mistakes while trying to prepare me for life beyond high school.