Challenging academics challenge mental health


Isa Flores, Staff Writer

The pressure put on students by themselves is more damaging than by others. When students think of all the things they feel the need to achieve, they often go down a spiral of overthinking. When they do this, they are more likely to take harder classes then get burned-out and start procrastinating.

For example, during Covid, my view of school changed drastically. I believed I needed to work harder to get back to where I was before the pandemic, so I took harder classes that didn’t motivate me and instead overwhelmed me with work.

What helped me was to talk with my teachers and go over my statistics for the class to see if it would be best to change the class or work out a different solution. Another solution is finding an organizational structure that best fits them. Most students just think about the one book planner and never touch it again. This is because not everyone thinks the same, so many students might need a visual they can see everyday like a whiteboard while others don’t. Finding the right type of organization for themselves is a great way to lead to better motivation and productivity.