Stay safe in return to normal

So far, this pandemic stuff is crazy. We are still in quarantine in a way, and in a way, we’re not. Previously business reopened to 50% capacity. I go to school in-person, but the first four weeks everyone attended virtually over Microsoft Teams. We have to wear masks all the time except during lunch. We have QR codes on our seats so we scan them, and it shows who sat where so administration can keep track.

Something new about the past year was being quarantined. If you are exposed to anyone with Covid, you get sent home for two weeks and have to attend school virtually. At the beginning of the year during virtual learning, I went stir crazy. Waking up in the same room and sitting there all day doing school work was not the life for me, so I chose in-person learning. I prefer in-person because you can make new friends and get out of the house.

My 14th birthday was weird. My friends and I would normally stay at a hotel somewhere, but since not that many places were open, we did something local at Esports Stadium. I had fun, but it was different. I’ve noticed myself feeling a lot more cautious. For example, I always feel the need to use hand sanitizer, and I don’t lay in my bed with the clothes I wore to school. I’m not a germaphobe, but I’m slowly becoming one.

I feel like quarantine has gotten less boring. I hang out with my friends more because of businesses reopening, and it’s really nice. The mask mandate has been lifted in Texas. I think it’s dumb. I’m still going to wear my mask regardless. It is almost spring break, and I’m excited to be going on a road trip, but I will stay safe.