Unexpected quarantine leads to fear, hopes for future

Considering the pandemic that we are facing right now, my typical day-to-day has changed a lot more than I would have expected. Instead of waking up at an unnaturally early hour in the day to get ready and get on the bus, I have been laxer on the time I wake up to face the day. I try to keep some regulations on my sleep schedule, but it just feels like the way I would be sleeping if it was summer. After I wake up and eat breakfast, I take my medication for the morning and try to get through some school work. I end up getting some stuff done in the end, but I am constantly getting distracted and side-tracked throughout the time I’m working. If I’m not doing schoolwork, I usually end up watching Netflix or trying to read a book.

When the announcement of the quarantine came, I really did not expect it. I guess talking about it in class made me feel like it was just another news story, and it was no big deal. Actually being affected by it had never crossed my mind. I tend to try to be a more optimistic person about things like this. To be perfectly honest, my family’s life hasn’t changed all that much. My mom and dad still go to work. My mom works in the medical field, and my dad works in construction as a safety supervisor, so they are both still allowed to work. The only major difference is my siblings and I stay home and do our schoolwork online. I think in the beginning there was mass hysteria about the virus, but now everyone has settled into our new norm.

Since the virus came blaring in our faces, my view of the future has changed a great deal. I think my biggest fear going forward is that we’ll be stuck in quarantine longer and longer as the pandemic keeps getting worse and worse. Besides the obvious fear of someone, I care about catching the virus, I fear the future I had in mind for myself will change, and since it changed, it won’t go the way I pictured it. I pictured going to college and living my life to the fullest. My biggest hope is that the pandemic will end soon, and we can go back to usual daily life, reunite with our friends and be even closer after this historical situation we lived through together.