Missing school, work

For spring break, my parents took a friend and me to Florida to visit my grandma. While we were there, we heard from people back home that there was a case of the coronavirus in Tarrant County. We went on with our trip enjoying our time away when we heard about the toilet paper crisis. We made sure to pick up toilet paper on our way home from Florida since we drove.

When we made it home, I read that school was shut down for the time being. Although I was happy about it then, I slowly realized that I miss school and can’t wait for this to be over.

My everyday routine now involves me waking up and doing my online schoolwork while keeping the house picked up. I don’t get to see my friends or family members that live away, so we FaceTime just about every day to check on each other.

I fear that someone I love or am close to catches the virus, or that they will be without a job for longer and struggle to pay their bills and support their own families. I’ve seen what the virus has done so far, and I pray it doesn’t get any worse.

I hope everything goes back to the way it was soon because this has really impacted everyone’s lives dramatically since we aren’t allowed to leave the house unless it’s an emergency or to go to the grocery store. My dad’s job has cut his pay, and my mom has to work from home for the time being. I have also been laid off from my job at Flight Deck, the trampoline park.