COVID-19 changes days, hopes, fears

My life has completely changed in the span of a week. It has changed my typical day and my hopes and fears in life.

Now, my typical day is to wake up, eat breakfast, do my daily chores, and then have some free time. Also, I spend about an hour or two doing homework assignments.That is still my typical day but with a few changes. The coronavirus has changed that because we stay in the house a lot more than we used to. Also, we have to limit our intake of food because stores are running out of basic essentials. Since my family has allergies, we have to take our medicine daily. When we do go to the store, we have to bring hand sanitizer with us and wipe down every surface. We also have to limit physical contact with people.

My hope is the coronavirus dies down and that my family and I don’t get it. I also hope I will graduate on time when I get to my senior year. These are my hopes because I don’t know when I will return to school, and this can throw off my summer break or when my next school year will start. Also, the virus is spreading so fast, and I have family that lives in different parts of the United States. Depending on where they are, they could have different kinds of exposure to the virus.

My fear of the coronavirus is that everyone will basically become ignorant and lose their minds over everyday necessities. I have this fear because I hear on the news that people are fighting to get items like toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Also, people are bidding over ventilators and buying tests for hospitals so that the nurses can get tested as well as patients.

This quarantine has caused me to appreciate school a lot more than I normally would. I miss the daily interactions with my teachers. When I go to class in the morning, I stop to talk to some of my teachers from my freshman year and some of the counselors I see in the hallways. I also miss talking to my friends and seeing them in class. My friends and I always have a good time hanging out with my friends at lunch, after class and before and after school. Since I can’t leave my house, I can’t hang out with them at all.