Source of stress

Covid-19 has become not only a scary pandemic but a source of stress for the world. My life and the lives of others around me have changed dramatically in just the span of a week. I miss the simplicity and structure of my daily life before this. Getting up at 6:00 am everyday for school, sitting in classrooms with my friends, going to work afterwards, sports practice in the evenings, it didn’t seem like something that would change so quickly. All of a sudden, school is online, I only see my friends over video calls, I’ve been laid off at work and practices have been canceled. Now I spend my days at home trying to practice social distancing for the benefit of myself and others.

I remember first hearing about the coronavirus in January on the news. My first thoughts when hearing there was a new virus in China was it seemed surprising but it would be under control soon. The fact that this is now worldwide and has infected so many people is mind blowing, yet terrifying. Nobody could have seen this coming.

I know things are expected to get a lot worse before they get any better and a lock-down for our city is just around the corner. I’m anxious for what’s to come because this has already caused so much damage. The number of people dying continues to rise and get worse, and it’s hard to stay relaxed at this time.

Although this is a large source of stress, I’m grateful for this time I get to spend with my family. All the extra sleep is great too!