One day at a time

During this time of social distancing, distance learning, and quarantine, I find that my typical day is very repetitive. I usually wake up, do homework, and get on my phone which can become boring very quickly. I find that I now have nothing to look forward to since school is closed and options for going outside are limited.

My life has changed semi-drastically, especially my education. Since the coronavirus has spread, many communities have decided to try to prevent the spread through “social distancing.” These include things like school closings and online learning, and even recreational facilities closing and limiting the number of customers in grocery stores. Although many of my classes have used the internet and scholastic apps for teaching in the past, we are now more dependent on those apps and the internet to fully teach classrooms and students. It is a bit of a change since some classes aren’t used to using Canvas or Microsoft Teams. I feel I’m taking this new change one day at a time.

The spread of the coronavirus has also struck a nervous fear in me that the virus could get worse before it gets better. I also feel that my senior year has been ripped away from me. Even though I wasn’t planning on attending the prom, I sympathize with my class in knowing they will never get to experience their senior prom. Although the decisions change day by day concerning the 2020 graduation, I feel like it is slowly getting farther away, and I am definitely concerned whether my class will get to walk the stage or not. An important time for any student is being able to walk the stage and receive their diploma. Unfortunately, I and many of my peers will most likely not get that same opportunity that every high school student dreams of. I also believe we all should have faith and go through this pandemic cautiously, making the right decisions and not acting in fear but acting with mindfulness.