Powerlifting sends three to state


Crystina Gonzales, Staff Writer

The powerlifting team celebrated as two girls and one boy went to the 5A state championships. Many students are unaware of the triumphs and goals of the school’s powerlifting team, especially the ambition these students uphold with each other.

“Powerlifting is more of a personal sport, but it takes a village to encourage each other and make sure we all get our workouts in and no one works out alone,” senior Miran Pinkston said. “So far, our girls team has competed in two invitational meets and placed first in both, our last by 20 points.”

Many of the members on the team’s motivation to join came from wanting to try something new, build their strength, bond with friends through an activity and ended up staying after coach Gregory Chatman developed into a role model for them. Being on the team gives them a drive to better themselves; not only physically, but mentally. Powerlifting has motivated them to be able to wake up, eat better, and push their confidence.

“Balancing school, the gym, and preparing for the future isn’t easy, but with careful planning, it’s doable,” senior Natalie Wooley said. “Also making sure to nourish and take care of my body as well as I can, this sport can be very hard on the body, but if you do everything from proper nutrition and stretching/mobility, it helps your progress significantly.”

Senior Jada Rock and junior Esther Adedire competed at the state meet. Rock lifted a total of 845 pounds and placed 9th in the state. Adedire made the top deadlift with a total of 1,000 pounds, and placed 5th in the state.

A member of the boys team described meets as fun gatherings where people do still compete, however, all are cheering each other on.

“What I enjoy most about powerlifting is the overall atmosphere,” Milton Fosu said. “’Gym bros’ or people that work out consistently, often face the stigma of being self-obsessed and egotistical, but that really isn’t the case. At meets, everyone is so encouraging and collectively everyone hypes each other up. It often makes me forget that I’m at a competition because the environment is so enjoyable. I wholeheartedly believe that everyone, no matter their strength level, should at least try out powerlifting because I can confidently say that powerlifting has changed my life for the better.”