Boys basketball team heads to state tournament


The boys basketball team won the region championship Saturday, March 4.

Tatiana Conley, Staff Writer

With an overall record of 31-5 and a 54-47 win against Chapin Saturday, the boys basketball team will play Ellison in the state tournament Thursday at 8:30pm in San Antonio.

Varsity assistant coach Kevin Barona said the team has shown strength in defense, offensive pace and leadership and has improved in maturity and senior leadership since last season.

“We have been our toughest opponent,” Barona said. “We are always looking to fix us, before we worry about anyone else.” 

The team is led by seniors David Terrell, Richard Lemboye, Franck Emmou and Jeff Scott. Lemboye, who hopes to continue with basketball after high school, said he wanted to play for the team because he wanted to win with his childhood teammates who helped make him better.

“…I can make a mistake and not have to worry because my teammates will have my back,” Lemboye said.

Lemboye also passed along some advice he wished he had heard.

“Give your best everyday, even on the bad ones,” Lemboye said.

For many on the team, basketball isn’t just about winning. For players such as Lemboye it’s about the many experiences gained from working together.

“(The best thing about it is) All the memories, bonding, and good times I have with my teammates,” Lemboye said.

By the end of the week, the world will know if this year’s team will have the memory of a state championship.