Fun run raises funds for FROG week

Student Council will host the Frosty Frog Fun Run at Katherine Rose Memorial Park to help this year’s Frog Week Child, Saturday, Feb. 1.

“It is one of the best fundraisers to bring in the most money for Frog Week at one time,” Student Council Adviser and World History teacher Kristi McCaskey said. “We can invite the community to come help, so it’s not just kids donating all the money, all week.”

By registering for the event, participants help raise money for the Frog Week Child, Coach Ryan Parker’s daughter, Raegan Parker, and her family.

“Participants can donate by signing up online,” McCaskey said. “They can donate their time by volunteering to help out on race day and donate to any of our Frog Week causes.”

To help with organizing the annual Frosty Frog Fun Run, McCaskey coordinates the set up with the city and the registration, and the Student Council helps prepare for the event.

“[Student Council] have to go to each individual business, providing a donation letter, talk to different managers and go out and collect the water for the race and map out the course,” McCaskey said. “On race day they set up everything, direct the walkers where to go and clean up.”

The Frog Week tradition has gone on for years, and has become a symbol of the Summit Love tradition.

“I think it promotes all coming together to help out our Frog Week Family,” McCaskey said.

It is a time where Summit Jags all gather to support the community.

“It gives everybody a chance to either volunteer or come out and walk with their friends, gives them a little extra way to support us,” McCaskey said.