Recycling club helps students, environment

Students race down the hallways pushing big trash cans to get recycled material in teachers’ classrooms. Sometimes they fall. At times they stumble. Many times they are tired. By the end, they are out of breath.

Students in the recycling club meet most Thursdays after school for most of the school year.

“I wanted to create a community service opportunity for kids to get hours for Teen Leadership and other groups that need hours,” recycling club sponsor Mrs. Keli Cullen said.

Their effort earns something for them and helps the environment.

“Recycling helps kids help Summit, get to know others they may not know, and receive community service hours,” Cullen said.

The club has about 15 to 20 members who go around the school and pick green bins containing recycled items.

“I like to help the environment to make this Earth a better place,” junior Alexia Perez said. “It helps the environment. The people and animals live in a cleaner place.”

The club members recycle paper goods and cardboard. If they get an item that can’t be recycled, they transfer it to the trash. After the goods are picked up from classrooms, club members go outside and put the recycled material in the green recycle dumpsters outside at the back of the school. Though recycling club is work, students enjoy it.

“I enjoy making new friends, having fun, and helping our environment,” freshman Isa Mustafa said.