‘The Game’s Afoot’ premieres Jan. 31

Theatre arts teacher Mrs. Melissa Iverson will direct “The Game’s Afoot” that will be performed on Jan. 31 and Feb. 1 at 7pm in the PAC.

“The Game’s Afoot” is one of our favorite comical plays we like to do,” Iverson said.

“The Game’s Afoot” is a whodunit mystery play that starts with the main character William Gillette, an actor who is known for playing Sherlock Holmes. After being wounded in a performance, he invites his friends to a Christmas Eve party at his house. Unfortunately, a murder occurs at his home. Now, William has to solve the crime by using his Sherlock Holmes skills.

“Our cast are really good actors and good people,” freshman Zackery Rieter said.
The cast members are Rieter as the main character William Gillette, junior Bryce Andrus as Felix Geisel, senior Anaiah Matthews as Simon Bright, sophomore Sarah Newton as Daria Chase, junior Rachel Green as Madge Geisel, senior Scout Kosloski as the Inspector, junior Kat Martin as Aggie Wheeler, and junior Elizabeth Armer as Martha Gillette.

“The audience should expect to see a lot of plot twists in this play,” Iverson said.

The plot twists and the comedy in this play are key factors which will make it interesting to some. The audience will laugh while trying to figure out who caused the murder.

“I hope the audience will find the play funny and enjoyable and to eventually inspire people to do theatre,” Rieter said.