Running and kicking and science, oh my!


Liska Best

Coach Ryan Sisco assists an environmental systems student with an assignment.

Haleah Ware, Staff Writer

Coach Ryan Cisco is excited to be teaching at Summit and wants to make a positive impact on the lives of his students.

The Jagwire: What is your role at Summit?

Ryan Cisco: “Physics and Environmental Systems Teacher as well as the Cross Country and Boys Soccer Varsity Assistant.”


J: Why did you become a teacher?

RC: “I became a teacher to be there for students and help to grow not only in academics but also grow into young adults that can affect the world in amazing ways.”


J: What college did you attend?

RC: “I attended Dallas Baptist University.”


J: What made you want to go there?

RC: “I went there because its education programs were top class, and I was closer to home.”


J: How many years have you been teaching? 

RC: “This is year four of teaching.”


J: Where else have you taught?

RC: “I have taught at Red Oak ISD and Azle ISD.”


J: What do you enjoy about Summit?

RC: “The community of teachers that are willing to help each other become the best version of themselves to reach as many kids as we can.”


J: How did you get into education?

RC: “I have a love for teaching and working with children and decided that I want to be the positive influence on kids that I have had on me from previous teachers.”


J: Why did you decide to teach at Summit?

RC: “I had heard great things about the MISD school district and the athletic programs, and I also live locally. The moment I met Coach Hall and Dr. Brown, I knew this was the place I wanted to be.”

J: What’s your favorite thing about teaching?

RC: “Seeing the light bulb go off in a kid’s head when they figure out something that they might not already know. Also, seeing a child grow from the first day they walk in your room to the last day.”


J: Do you have any children?

RC: “I do not have any children”


J: Tell me about your family. 

RC:  “I do have a beautiful wife of 3 years. We have been together for almost 5 years now, and she is my best friend. I have two older sisters who have blessed my wife and me with four nephews and a niece whom at times feel like the kids my wife and I don’t have. My wife works as a social media/receptionist at a Clinical Trials facility, and my parents own their own business.”


J:  What is your least favorite thing about teaching?

RC: “All the paperwork involved (haha).


J: When you were in high school, what was your plan for your future?

RC: ” I knew I wanted to work with kids in some capacity whether that was teaching or some other job like summer camp or even just coaching.”

J: What’s your favorite grade to teach? 

RC: “I really enjoy teaching 11th and 12th grade. “


J: Why?

RC: “They are more interactive in positive ways and they understand the expectations of the school and how to follow those expectations.”

J: What other jobs did you have before becoming a teacher?

RC: “I worked in the summers at a summer camp called Carolina Creek Christian Camp. I also worked for my parents’ business from time to time.”

J: What kind of teacher would you describe yourself as?

RC:” A relational teacher. I want the kids to know that I care and that they can come to me for anything. I have learned that the more the kids trust you and know you, the more willing they are to learn from you and come to you for advice or the hard things in life.”


J:  What are your hobbies?
RC: “I love to read and play soccer. I also enjoy spending time with my wife at a golf course or even just staying in and watching tv or a movie.”

J: Where did you grow up?

RC: “I grew up in Midlothian, Texas.”


J: What school did you attend? 

RC: “I went to Midlothian High School.”


J:  In what activities were you involved?

RC: ”  I played Soccer all four years, football freshman year, and was in STUCO and NHS while in high school as well. “