Percussion director hopes to help students as he was helped


Liska Best

Mr. Chad Solis listens as two students practice during first block band class.

Crystina Gonzales, Staff Writer

Mr. Chad Solis serves as the new percussionist director for the award-winning band. Located in the band hall, Solis puts in hard work helping sixth graders through seniors across the district become better percussionists.


The Jagwire: What is your role at Summit (teacher, director, coach, etc.)?

Chad Solis: I am one of the Assistant Band Directors/Percussion Director


TJ: Why did you become a teacher/ How did you get into education?

CS: My percussion director is one of my role models and helped me every day throughout middle school and high school. When you go to school and do an extracurricular activity, like band, you often times see your teachers more than your family. He was my second dad. When things got tough, he was the person I went to for advice. He is still the person I call when I need help. I want to be able to help students like he helped me.


TJ: What college did you attend? What made you want to go there?

CS: I went to Texas Christian University. I went there because TCU has a great music and education program. My brother also went to TCU, and we were able to be there together for a year before he graduated.


TJ: How many years have you been teaching? Where else have you taught?

CS: This is my 5th year teaching. I taught at Castleberry HS in Fort Worth for a year, and then I spent three years at John Horn HS in Mesquite, TX.


TJ: What do you enjoy about Summit?

CS: How welcoming the staff has been.


TJ: Why did you decide to teach at Summit?

CS: I have heard great things about administration at the district and campus level. I have also seen the success of the Summit Jaguar Band. Summit is also much closer to family.


TJ: What’s your favorite thing about teaching?

CS: Seeing growth throughout the year, and seeing students be proud of their work.


TJ: Do you have any children? How many? How old are they? OR Tell me about your family.

CS: I do not have children. My girlfriend and I have a dog (a 4 year old black lab named Lucy) and 2 cats (5 and 6 years old, named Disco and Ruca).


TJ: What is your least favorite thing about teaching?

CS: The long hours of marching band, but it is worth it when we see the results of our hard work.


TJ: What do you teach?

CS: I teach band, where I specifically work with the percussionists/drumline. I teach a 6th grade percussion class at Cross Timbers Intermediate School, I teach 2 percussion classes at T.A. Howard Middle School, and I teach the Drumline at Summit High school.


TJ: What’s your favorite grade to teach? Why?

CS: I love to teach the high school drumline. Football games are so fun, and I love going to contests.


TJ: What other jobs did you have before becoming a teacher?

CS: I have only ever taught drumline. Before I became a full-time teacher, I worked with high schools in the area either teaching lessons, or teaching with their marching band.


TJ: What kind of teacher would you describe yourself as?

CS: Fair and understanding.


TJ: What are your hobbies?

CS: I enjoy playing video games and hanging out with friends and family.


TJ: Where did you grow up? What school did you attend? In what activities were you involved?

CS: I grew up in Lewisville, TX. I graduated from Lewisville HS. I was in Band, Student Council, and National Honor Society.