Esquivel transfers from classroom aide to receptionist


Though she’s not new to working at a school, receptionist Erika Esquivel is the second of two new faces visitors are greeted by when they enter the school.


Jagwire: How long have you worked in an educational setting? 

Erika Esquivel: I’ve been in the educational setting since 2019.


J: What did you do prior to working at Summit?   

EE: I worked at Legacy High School as a SPED ISLE Aide.


J: What are your duties at Summit? 

EE: I’m a receptionist at Summit now. My duties are directing phone calls, checking everyone in and out of the building, and helping ensure student’s safety. 


J: What made you want to work at Summit?

EE: I wanted an office type position to start building my career.


J: What made you want to work in an educational setting?

EE: I’ve always loved working with kids. Seeing what an impact you can make on students’ lives is an amazing feeling.


J: If you didn’t work here, where would you work?  

EE: If I wasn’t working in the school district, I would probably be working in a company doing some sort of HR role.


J: When you’re not working, what keeps you busy? 

EE: I plan on starting my own business making t-shirts. When I have down time, I keep myself busy by making designs on my iPad. Also, I have 2 kids ( a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old) that keep me busy all the time. 


J: What hobbies do you enjoy?

EE: I really enjoy drawing, painting, playing on my ps4, and hanging out with my loved ones and kids.


J: Tell me about the best vacation you’ve ever taken?

EE: The best vacations I’ve had are my trips to Mexico. I love going down to Mexico to visit the family I have down there. We get to escape from reality for a little bit and enjoy the little things in life without any technology. 


J: Do you have any fears about what you do, and if so, what are they?

EE: I only have one major fear and it is SPIDERS. I don’t know what it is about them, but the sight of one makes me fly across the room. No matter how small it is.


J: What do you like best about the students you work with right now?

EE: I don’t work with the students much, but at my old job, I really enjoyed working with all the students one on one. Seeing how every student learns differently and does things in different ways fascinates me. I also love learning about the students and getting to know their personalities.