Alum returns to school to work


One of the first things a visitor sees at the school is Tesneim Adawi’s smile. As one of two new receptionists, Adawi has returned to a place that is quite familiar to her.


Jagwire: How long have you worked in an educational setting? 

Tesneim Adawi: ​ I have only been working in an educational setting since the beginning of this school year.


J: What did you do prior to working at Summit? 

T.A: ​I was a college student, completing my bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management.


J: What are your duties at Summit? 

TA: ​I am the front desk receptionist. For example, I take care of sign ins and sign outs, parent calls and deliveries.


J: What made you want to work at Summit High School? 

TA: I wanted to work here because this is where I graduated from when I was in high school. Home!


J: What made you want to work in an educational setting? 

TA: I enjoy the students and the school setting, as well as give back to my community. 


J: If you didn’t work here, where would you work? 

TA: I would probably be working a corporate job. ​


J: When you’re not working, what keeps you busy? 

TA: I like to go shopping and spend time with my family.


J: What hobbies do you enjoy? 

TA: I enjoy hiking and blogging.


J: Tell me about the best vacation you’ve ever taken? 

TA: New York Spring Break 2020


J: Do you have any fears about what you do, and if so, what are they? 

TA: Absolutely not! I love my job, and I enjoy being here each day.


J: What do you like best about the students you work with?

TA: I love that I can really relate to the students.