Former PTSA president becomes employee


Mrs. Savannah Ragan may be newly employed at Summit, but as the former PTSA president, she is hardly new to the school.


Jagwire: How long have you worked in the educational setting? 

Savannah Ragan: Two years.


J: What did you do prior to coming to Summit? 

SR: I worked at Donna Shepard.


J: What are your duties at Summit?
SR: Copy Clerk and help in F Hall Office.


J: What made you want to work in an educational setting? 

SR: I wanted to have the same schedule as my kids.


J: What made you want to work at Summit? 

SR: I wanted a change in what I was doing prior to Summit. 

J: If you didn’t work here, where would you have worked?
SR: Teaching EMT’s.

J: When you’re not working, what keeps you busy?
SR: My family likes going to car shows and attending my kids’ sports.

J: What hobbies do you enjoy?
SR: Supporting my kids in the activities they do. 


J: Tell me about the best vacation you’ve ever had? 

SR: When we took the family to Disney World.


J: Do you have any fears about what you do, and if so, what are they? 

SR: No


J: What do you like best about the students you work with?

SR: That they know I am here if they need anything even if it is someone to listen to them.