A brand for excellence

The world we live in sees racial injustice far too often, and has depreciated its impact to something many of us accept as the norm. Policemen are not always fair, the justice system is time and again unjust, and our environments don’t always allow us to love and embrace who we truly are. But in this life, there’s hope, and Blk Luv Apparel- a brand that stands for black excellence, and racial tranquility.

The trendy t-shirt line which became most popular on instagram was created by Delicia Brown, someone who’s personally been subject to the stereotypes or racial injustices some of us face everyday. Brown used her love for fashion, and talent in graphic design to create change in an entire generation’s perspective, and it’s working.

Growing up, Brown wasn’t raised around many other African Americans, so racial injustice or bias wasn’t a concept she fully understood as a child.

“I grew up in a little town called Jonesboro, Arkansas, and I didn’t really understand why certain things bothered me growing up, but as I got older, I realized it was my environment, Brown said. “When I was younger, I didn’t realize how much I wanted to make a difference, but now that I’ve gotten older, I feel that I need to make a difference somehow.”

Brown has always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer, so a t-shirt line was the first step in her professional career, and effort to inspire change. Her clothing brand, inspired by her mother and father, acknowledges and advocates positivity within our community.

“My mother and my father are the reason I created Blk Luv Apparel,” Brown said. “I saw the positive side of black marriage and black love when I grew up, which influenced a lot of the designs that I make, and the love that I have for my culture.”

After independently building a clothing line meant to challenge societal stigmas and common stereotypes, Brown holds high expectations for herself, and for the future of her company. With plans to move to Atlanta, the single mother and factory worker hopes the success of her emerging business will allow her to start a new life.

“In the future, I want to have a store, multiple stores hopefully, and to be able to do events,” Brown said. “Soon, I also plan on starting a non profit organization for black female owned businesses- for women in business, or who want to start a business.”

Brown strives to inspire others through her bravery to start businesses of their own, and conquer anything.

“I hope that I can be an inspiration to young people, young mothers or anyone that’s been working in a factory for years, and feel like they can’t get out, because you can,” Brown said.