Movie review- Ratatouille

Movie review- Ratatouille

Tatiana Conley, Staff Writer

The animated film Ratatouille has got to be one of Disney’s best movie productions ever made. From the warming music to the amazing details shown in multiple shots throughout the movie, as well as the range of facial features shown on characters; I think this film has enough memorable moments to be named as such. 

Ratatouille,  produced by Brad Lewis, was released  in 2007. In it, a rat named Remy is fascinated by the human’s ability to create. Most specifically, he is fascinated by the ability to create meals, as his family is a group of scavengers who survive on the scraps of discarded food. After being separated from his family, he winds up in Paris, where he meets a human named Linguini. They go on to create highly-rated meals with people believing that Linguini is the chef making the food, when in fact it’s Remi hiding under the hat.

Multiple shots in the movie reveal many of the characters with unique facial features, such as wider foreheads, smaller and wider body shapes, protruding noses and other assorted facial features that help set the characters apart from other Disney characters. Another detail which makes Ratatouille a great animated picture shows the focus remaining on the characters while giving the background a realistic feel by making it busy. Oftentimes in movies, animators make the background fairly bare in order to keep the focus on the main character/characters. I enjoy how they manage to keep a busy background while maintaining a clear focus on the characters in the shot.

Overall, I think Ratatouille was a well produced movie that not only successfully depicted different characters without their appearances looking identical, but also managed to demonstrate how one can succeed in their aspirations in more  ways than one. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys seeing unlikely friends develop a close relationship, and also being able to relate to characters on a more personal level.