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Junior finds success on YouTube

By Melissa Stoker, Staff Writer

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Madison Trimble was bored one day and she said that she wanted to make a YouTube channel. So, she grabbed her makeup bag, sat in front of her camera and started to apply it all.

Trimble, a junior, had no idea so many people would start watching. She has been on YouTube for six months and has more than 10,000 viewers on some of her videos. Even she was surprised.

“(I thought) Oh my gosh, that could actually happen to me,” Trimble said. “Out of all the people, I didn’t think that could happen to me.”

She is thankful that it has though. Trimble hopes to repay her subscribers by helping them. She does makeup tutorials every week and answers messages through social media from those asking for advice.

“I think Madison is so good at makeup because she understands all of the details,” junior

Alyssa McLain.

After watching Trimble online, McLain began purchasing a few of the products. Trimble looks for products that cost less. She also looks to YouTube for tips herself.

Trimble gets many ideas from her favorite YouTuber, Kelsey Simone, a professional makeup artist. Trimble said she loves Simone because she is very good with makeup and she is really pretty.

At makeup con Trimble got to meet her YouTube idol.

“I cried when I saw her,” Trimble said.

Trimble is becoming just as motivational to her viewers.

“In the beginning I was there for her and just trying to be an encouraging friend, and now she actually inspires me,” McClain said.

Junior Sydney Berry said Trimble could inspire others as well.

“I want people to see Madison is a kind and talented person and that that should not be missed,” Berry said.


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Junior finds success on YouTube