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This year’s baseball season came to a close after the Jaguars’ 0-2 series loss to Corsicana in the first round of the playoffs . With an overall record of 19-11-2, this has been one of baseball’s most successful seasons.

However, with this year’s team being comprised mostly of seniors, next year’s team will be mostly newcomers to the varsity stage and will need to work hard to get back to the playoffs. It takes a lot of work to win games, and it is evident that there will always be something they could have done better during a game.

“We needed to swing better, and we weren’t as good offensively,” Coach Peacock said. “We pitched good all season.”

Each baseball player can add or subtract value to a team. With teamwork being an important aspect of baseball, it is important that each player is skilled and trusting of his teammates.

“I think our pitching and defense and our team chemistry were all really good,” varsity senior Ross Roark said.

Chemistry is important for a team to be successful, but even with that it’s evident that not everything can work out the way it’s expected to.

“Things just didn’t go our way that last game,” Roark said. “We had bad luck and they made a lot of strong plays.”

Although the season is now gone, there is always something to look forward to. New players bring new skills and aspects to a team.

“There are lots of spots up for grabs next year,” Peacock said. “We expect very big things from Alex Palmer.

Anyone playing baseball or wanting to play baseball can try out for the team next year. Hard work and determination are two key aspects of a successful sports team, and they are exactly what this team needs to be triumphant in seasons to come.

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