The Jagwire

2011-2012 Staff

Anna Gutierrez

I’m Anna Gutierrez and I’m new to Summit. I just moved here from Kingwood, Texas, a little suburb outside of Houston. I’m a junior. I’m super sarcastic and funny. I’m a very spirited person; I always do the dress up...

Lucas Hammond

My name is Lucas Hammond. I’m 15 and I'm from Louisiana. I’m random black and I laugh everyday and I’m trying to get all the money!! Praise Jesus!

Bethany Darwin

I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I moved to Arlington, Texas when I was eight years old. I play piano, guitar, bass, and drum set. I have played piano for 7 years, guitar for 6 years, and drum set for about a year and a...

Kristen Tran

Sarcastic and intelligent is the easiest way to describe myself. Hockey, reading/writing and music are the three main components of my life. I play percussion in the school band and indie rock is my favorite genre of music. Journalism...

Jacob Martella

Sports and church. Those are the two things that describe me the most. Every day, Sportscenter is on at the same point during the day. The recent success of the Texas Rangers has given me some hope for DFW professional sports....

Blaire Bradford

Hey, my name is Blaire Bradford. I'm a junior. I'm athletic, have a twin brother, and love Forever 21. I play lots of volleyball and take pride in my school work. Search me on Facebook. =]

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