The Jagwire

2010-2011 Staff

Jacob Martella

Sports and church. Those are the two things that describe me the most. Every day, Sportscenter is on at the same point during the day. The recent success of the Texas Rangers has given me some hope for DFW professional sports....

Richie Moreno & Eric Duran

Big Daddy P - i love my buddy chicken strips:) and i like taking pictures! Chicken Strips:)- HOWDY!!!!!! i love my buddy Big Daddy P :) and i enjoy taking pictures too!

Adam Neighbors

Hey, I'm Adam Neighbors. I'm a senior and I make videos for the site. I have two older brothers and two younger sisters, and I love hanging out with my friends.

Trenae Alexander

Hola! My names Trenae and I'm finally a senior! I'm on the varsity tennis team and I have been on staff for four years. I hope to make senior year worth the wait.

Ben Ohene

Yo! I'm Ben Ohene. Chilling is a hobby of mine. Knowwhatimean? I like to bake and I like to eat. I ain't trying to brag or anything, but my brownies are off the chain! My favorite food is anything LOADED with sugar. Ha! I'm also...

Ashley Wylie

Hey, my birth certificate lists me as Ashley Kate Wylie but you can just call me Ashley' it also states that I was born on November 6, 1993, so you can infer that I'm a junior and about 16 or 17 depending on when you read this;...

Anna Wylie

Hello, I'm Anna Wylie. I'm a freshman this year. I'm athletic, and I play soccer. I also have an older sister here and a little sister at Howard. I love my friends, and I am excited to be a Summit Jag this year.

MJ Zielke

Hey I'm MJ! It's my second year on staff, and I love it! I'm pretty chill as long as you don't steal my food, and I love water and cool people. =]

Blaire Bradford

Hey, my name is Blaire Bradford. I'm a junior. I'm athletic, have a twin brother, and love Forever 21. I play lots of volleyball and take pride in my school work. Search me on Facebook. =]

Jeannie Causey

The names Jeannie. I'm the kind of person you'll find swimming at Joe Pool Lake, working the drive thru at Mcdonalds, or just riding around with my friends listening to good music. I love to try new things and if you introduce...

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