Proper preparation for pandemic pertinent

The coronavirus pandemic has caused my life to be boring and very isolated. I have been stuck at home these past few weeks. The only time I go outside is when I’m doing yard work or going to the store for groceries. The worst part about this pandemic is I can’t even see and hang with my friends physically. I can only talk and text them through the phone. This pandemic is just horrible.

Ever since the pandemic started, my typical day has been the same. All I do is communicate with friends, watch movies, read, my chores and any work from school. Nothing spectacular has been happening around me. I watch the news for updates about the coronavirus to see how this situation is being handled. I hope the situation can resolve quickly because I fear we might make the situation worse if we aren’t properly prepared for the worst to come with this pandemic.

Another part I fear is the safety for the people who work in healthcare. They have a higher risk to get coronavirus as well because they have to stay in hospitals to help patients not catch the disease. This is the exact thing my mom who’s a nurse practitioner has to face. I worry for her because some of her patients have gotten the coronavirus. Luckily, my mom doesn’t have it, and she’s safe. I hope all healthcare workers such as doctors and nurses will be safe from this harmful virus too.