Immigration laws have lasting impact

Many deported are positive influences

Sophia Ortiz, Staff Writer

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Immigration has been a very controversial topic in the world. Each year the deportation rate increases vastly and separates hundreds of families apart. Immigration into the U.S. can provide to those who seek freedom and opportunities.

Everyone is entitled to their basic human rights and to practice their beliefs. Sadly, in many countries, individuals aren’t given these aspects. Immigrants come to the U.S. as a way of pursuing a fulfilling life and a promising future for their families.

In the media today, many immigrants are depicted as “drug dealers” or “rapists.” A mentality of an enlarging group of people shall not be defined by several circumstances nor criticized. There are criminals of every race, just as there are genuinely hardworking and determined individuals of every race.

Personally, my mother was deported back to Peru almost four years ago. At the time, I didn’t realize the seriousness of the matter, until my family and I went further in depth with the conversations.

Each summer since then, I have traveled to Peru in order to spend as much time with my mother as I possibly could. The hardest part is leaving because knowing that my mom can’t board with me breaks my heart every time. When I arrive here, I feel empty and alone, as if a part of my heart has been ripped away from me.

Sometimes I hear my peers complain about their mothers, such as how much they hate them or how they wish their mom could disappear. How can they be so ignorant as to complain about their mothers when I would do anything in my power to have my mom back.

Due to this situation, my mom has missed countless of events in my brother’s life and mine. I had to transition into high school without my mother and last year she wasn’t allowed to watch my brother graduate from high school. A mother deserves to watch her children grow and be there for them every second of the way.

I admire my father for all of his sacrifices that he has been through in order to provide for my brother and I. It has been four years since my whole family was together, I miss the genuine happiness that I would feel with them. When I’m with my brother, father, and mother I feel that all my worries are lifted from my shoulders.

I look around at my surroundings and notice how children are on their phones when with their families. I would do anything to have another minute with my mom and to be able to give her a hug. A hug of reassurance and comfort.

My greatest regret was when my mom would come home from work wanting to spend time with me, but I was too busy playing games on my device. I took the opportunities with her for granted and I wasn’t appreciative. This situation has definitely matured and changed me.  

It’s bizarre how this country is perceived as a land of opportunity, but when certain immigrants come, the country becomes easily skeptical. My mom came to this country in order to start a new beginning and she helped provide for the community. She didn’t deserve what she received.

She is the kindest individual you could ever meet and she did everything she could to make others happy. This is her home, regardless what anyone may think.

My mother and I have a very close and loving bond. We could laugh for hours just speaking of nonsense and find joy in everything we do together. Every Tuesday, we used to have a mother and daughter date, in which I cherished with all my heart.

For a long time, I obtained an excessive amount of hate for this country and the people who sent her back. Eventually, my mother helped me realize to not allow the hate overpower my heart, for it wouldn’t benefit me or change the situation. My family and I stay strong for each other.

Although my mother isn’t here physically, I know she is always with me in the heart. That is the hope for which keeps me hanging on.

Immigration is a very important topic to me. Individuals must take the time to truly understand an immigrant’s motives. I hope and pray that my mother will come home soon, where she belongs.  

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