How Important Are Our Annual Standardized Tests?

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How Important Are Our Annual Standardized Tests?

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Each year high school students take a standardized test ranging from careers in the military to practice SATs. These tests can prepare students for their imminent futures, but many students feel that the tests are useless.

“A lot of the students don’t even show up for the tests,” sophomore Paige Savage said. “Some of the ones that do show up sleep through the test.”

Each year, freshman take career tests, sophomores and juniors take the PSAT, and seniors take the ASVAB. The tests take most of the day to administer and takes up valuable time that students could be learning something new.

“During the time I took the test, I should have been in my TCC class learning,” senior Jonathan Cook said. “Instead I was taking the ASVAB.”

The tests are designed to prepare each student for his or her academic future, but very few students take these tests seriously.

“The ASVAB is a waste of time,” senior Tevan Christman said. “I shouldn’t have to take a test that tells me what I already know I’m good at.”

The school wide tests also cost the school a large amount of money to administer. With budget cuts already in place the school district should not use half of the school day to give a test that isn’t mandatory.

“I’d rather have the half of my school day back than take a useless test that I never had to do in the first place,” senior Evanna Layton said.

There are some students who feel that these tests are useful due to the practice it gives them. Tests such as the PSAT prepare students who plan on going to college.

“The PSAT is great practice for us and practice makes perfect,” senior Lance Bradford said.

Each year is the same in regards to testing. Half of the school day is dedicated to testing that helps only a few students, while the rest waste the time that is given to practice something they don’t need.

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