Resorting to Violence

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In the world we live in today, most people automatically resort to violence when confronted with any type of conflict. Almost every day, we see terrorist attacks, rioting, or unlawful killing in the news. Violence is often started at an early age, but when negative habits such as vandalism and fighting continue on after childhood it starts to become an even greater problem.

Violence, at any age, does not help a situation. Resorting to violence does not solve problems, and should not be instituted to solve problems. People rioted in the streets of Vancouver after the 2011 Stanley Cup, damaging cars, homes, and businesses with no reason except to show their own anger.

Even if a war helps a country, it will not be able to solve a situation; the problem will still exist. In the Civil War, violence did contribute to the end of slavery in the South, but did not stop slavery. Even in the South, sharecropping was created to further throw African Americans into debt and essentially into slavery again.

It can be argued that violence can sometimes keep peace, however, problems will always arise and people will always have opposing positions. In no way do acts of violence or aggression permanently solve a solution.

All fighting each other does is create further division. Coming to solutions peacefully will save lives, as well as help create a stronger platform for equality.

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