Are Class Rings Worth the Money?

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At the beginning of a student’s junior year, they are given the option to buy a class ring. They generally range from $200-$400, and symbolize a student’s time in high school and the memories and relationships they’ve built.

As useful as this may sound, there’s no point in spending hundreds of dollars on something that will no longer be relevant only a few years after graduation. College students get the same opportunity to buy a ring, so the one attained in high school will no longer be worn after a new, more up-to-date one has been received.

On top of that, many teenagers don’t enjoy their high school years and spend a lengthy amount of time waiting for them to be over, so why would they want a souvenir of that time? If you did enjoy your time in school, you shouldn’t need a ring to remind you of it.

High school is already expensive enough, with having to buy a cap, gown, and tassel, as well as other optional things such as prom and a letterman jacket. Buying a class ring is just one more thing that students and their parents have to worry about paying for. Sure, the company that makes the rings allows you to make payments on it, but you don’t actually get the ring until it’s fully paid off.

To put it simply, class rings are a waste of money. If you can afford one, go right on ahead, but just know that a few years from now you’ll wish that you had spent that $300 a little more wisely.

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