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Christians and a Common Moral Debate

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Christianity is the predominant religion in the United States. The bible forbids multiple items that we use everyday. Today, it seems that some Christians pick and choose what they want to believe and follow. I should start off by saying I am Catholic, but I am accepting of anybody’s lifestyle of choice. I wasn’t raised to be religious, and I’ve gone to church only a handful of times. The most recent time was at a church in Detroit, Michigan, where I received communion, and the priest asked if I was even a Catholic. I don’t know too much about my religion beyond Bible stories, but I was taught to respect anyone who deserves it.

One of the many moral debates is on gay marriage and gay lifestyles. Many Christians say that this lifestyle is immoral, against the teachings of Christ, and many other insults. The popular reality star Phil Robertson has said in a recent interview for Good Morning America that “AIDs and STIs are God’s punishment for the immoral.” To me, this is one of the most disgusting things someone could say about another human. The Bible teaches understanding and acceptance, not hatred. To say that you are a Christian and speak like this is a disgrace to the religion.

The Bible forbids many everyday items we see and consume. For example; the consumption of pork (Leviticus 11:7-8), eating fat (Leviticus 3:17), wearing cloth woven from two different materials (Leviticus 19:19), among many others. These are under the Old Testament, which Christians disregard nowadays. I don’t understand why things like this are overlooked but others aren’t.

The God I believe in doesn’t distinguish between gay and straight people. What I believe in is that all are equal and deserve basic rights. My God loves all and doesn’t care whether you are straight or not. It’s amazing that in 2014, with all of the progress that has been made, some people still can’t get over two people of the same sex getting married.

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Kevin Booza, Staff Writer

My name is Kevin Booza. I am a senior at Summit and this is my first year in newspaper. I enjoy shooting and have a considerable amount of knowledge in firearms. I hope to attend Michigan University to major in law, and become a Navy SEAL.

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Christians and a Common Moral Debate