Should Sex Ed Be Taught In Schools?

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Sexual Education is an important subject within our society. In Texas alone, 76,400 adolescent girls are impregnated every year. In order to decrease that number, Texas should adopt a new, more developed and inclusive policy that combines the importance of abstinence but also educate students about contraception sex.

Texas is one of the top ten states with the highest rates of teen pregnancy, with 63 births per every 1,000 teens, according to American Live Wire. States that provide sex ed classes tend to have lower rates of teen pregnancy. With this correlation, the teaching of sexual education should be put into place.

According to amazonaws, The Texas Republican platform states, “We oppose any sex education other than abstinence until marriage.” This isn’t a practical approach to teach teenagers about sex. A poll done by the same people states that 47.4 percent of high school teenagers are no longer virgins, and majority of the students have not been educated to have intercourse safely. Programs that support “abstinence-only” are impractical. Texas should acknowledge the fact that students need to be educated about safe sex, rather than just being told not to do it.

Although telling someone to stay abstinent is a positive enforcement, adolescents are curious and will be adolescents. Some may say that high school students are too immature to learn about intercourse, but there can be a mandate to where the course will be offered to upperclassmen. As long as the course is available to students who are clueless about sexual intercourse, there is a high possibility that the numbers of impregnated teenagers will decrease.

If Texas has such a high teenage pregnancy rate, there is something that isn’t right. The “abstinence-only” teaching system has been proven ineffective. Not only is the method ineffective, but it’s outdated and needs to be modernized.

The knowledge of sexual education should be dispersed among the students of Texas. Students and teens should be taught in schools about sex because many don’t have the information yet. The Texas Republican platform should support the cause and reduce Texas’ high teen pregnancy rates by increasing the awareness of practicing safe intercourse and emphasize the importance of using contraceptives.

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