Why Does Education Matter, Anyway?

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Education is the lifeline of our society. Without education there would be no governments, countries, or civilizations. Civilization only began once groups of people started to learn basic skills such as making fires, hunting, gathering, and more. These groups then passed their knowledge onto others, creating cities. Education has always played an important role in our society today, and without it we would not be the same.

Education has become so important today that without some form of education after high school, you may not be able to support yourself or a family. College may not be for everyone, but a career technical school is a viable option. Many professions that pay a decent amount of money do not require any college, but without some education about your job, you will be overlooked in the hiring process. If someone wanted to be a mechanic but wasn’t able to go to college to get a degree, career tech schools would be the easiest way to go. Without any education outside of high school, creating a stable income could be difficult. According to the US census the average median income of a male individual who dropped out of high school is $20,241. That is over $10,000 less than a typical high school graduate and $36,424 less than an individual with a bachelor’s degree.

In prisons across the US, inmates display a lack of education. A survey conducted by American prisons in 2003 showed that 68% of the inmates did not receive a high school diploma. Over half of the population in our prisons have not received a proper education. For some of those people in prison, their lack of education most likely played a role in them being where they are.

When individuals drop out of school and no longer receive any education it not only hurts them, but taxpayers as well. According to a study by The Department of Education, high school dropouts cost taxpayers an average of $292,000 per year. These costs include incarceration as well as the taxes that inmates aren’t paying. Without a good education, life can be rough in the long run.

Education is the key to the future. Without education there would be nothing to be proud of. It may seem bad going to school, but later in life you will be able to see just how important these years were. Education will help us through life and the time we spent in school will eventually pay off.

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