The Price of Homecoming

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With the jingling of homecoming bells through the hallway and mums and boutonnieres being displayed proudly throughout the building, homecoming is a day that a majority of students celebrate. Not many students understand or pay attention to the true meaning of homecoming, yet they spend up to $70 and several hours of work on a mum, attend a $7 football game, and eat out for $20 after the game.

So many peoples’ time and energy would be saved if homecoming were seen as just another football game instead of a social contest. Mums and boutonnieres are supposed to be just a gift from a boy to a girl (or vise versa) to show others that they are going to the homecoming game together, but many girls make their own over-the-top mums, wasting money on something they will never wear again and most likely discard at the end of the month. On another note, volleyball plays a homecoming game every year on the same night as the homecoming game, but sadly, very few people go to this game because they don’t want to be late for the homecoming football game. Also, the homecoming game is often the only football game that some students attend.

On the opposition, people say that homecoming is important or that it’s all right to spend that much money on homecoming mums and boutonnieres. If you spent $50 on a mum each year, then over the course of your high school career you’d spend a total of $200 on fake flowers, ribbons, and bells that would just be thrown away later. That’s $200 that students could be saving or spending on something more important, especially considering that many students are on a free or reduced lunch plan.

At the end of the day it’s your money and you can do whatever you like with it, but if we could all just take a step back and look at the big picture, after high school that mum or boutonniere won’t mean anything to you. It won’t be held against you for having a mum or boutonniere, but truthfully, besides the fact that it’s “fun”, why do you need one?

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