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Getting Around the Cost of College

Vin Nguyen, Staff Writer

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High school is a usually a very amusing, interesting, and life-developing experience. Every year, new students come and old students go. And those old students are on the verge of becoming adults and beginning their lives by going off to college.

Going to college should be mandatory following high school. College is the start of your life, career, and adulthood.

Even though some people can’t afford to go to college, there are other ways they can get money to attend. During high school, they can apply for minor or major scholarships that would help them pay for college. The scholarship may not be a full ride, but it would help take a few hundred dollars off tuition. If they don’t get the chance to apply for scholarships, they can apply for student loans, financial aid, or even find a job. There’s so many ways to pay for college, and money should never be an excuse for not going.

Seniors have spent thirteen to fourteen years going to school, and throwing all that time down the drain due to the cost of college cost is ridiculous. If money was a problem, then go to a cheaper university or a community college. Also, after college, when they have a degree, they could pay their student loans off. Although money is a struggle for a lot of people, which is very understandable, there are other ways to fundraise money to help provide for college.

Money shouldn’t be an excuse to not go to college. If you set your mind on going to college, you’ll get there; all you have to do is try.

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Getting Around the Cost of College