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Trying to look the best we can in high school can potentially prepare us for the future that lies ahead. By caring about our appearance, we may gain respect of others. However, some may argue that looking our best now should not be a concern for high school students.

Dressing up, or rather dressing for success, boosts our self-confidence and gives us a feeling of self-worth.

Walking down the halls of a high school, many different senses of fashion and style can be seen. Some people thrive on how they look and how people perceive them to be through the way they dress. To some, appearance is everything. Taking it to an extreme, some wake up as early as 4:30 in the morning to put together what they believe to be the perfect outfit.

Most students try to look as good as possible for their peers. Most of the time, it’s girls that care about their appearance over guys. This is most likely because girls can dress up more than boys can. Girls can do their hair, wear make up, and put on dresses. They can go to extreme measures to present themselves as someone who is ready to take on the world.  The most guys can do is just wear a nice shirt and slacks.

While some people get “all dolled up” for school, some students don’t care what they look like. There are people who wear dresses but there are also those wearing pajama pants, t-shirts, and the occasional pair of slippers. Those who dress this way to school may reason that, if they have to be here for eight hours a day, then they should be as comfortable as possible. They don’t care what others think about them as long as they are comfortable.

Some students may wear nice clothes to school, thinking it may impress their teachers, or show how much they care about school and being successful. However, most teachers pay more attention to a student’s academic performance, rather than what a student may be wearing. In fact, when it comes to administration, most of them just want students to be in dress code. While one could be wearing an impressive dress, if the hem falls too high, the administrators would have to ask the student to change out of the dress, no matter how “pretty” it may be.

Dressing for success is something we should do. It makes us feel better about ourselves.

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