The Teacher Perspective

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The Teacher Perspective

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Times have changed and with that change, the school system of America moves along with the changes. Teachers are the one of the three most important components of schooling, aside from the students and their parents, and they have a unique perspective.


Teachers had different school experiences than ours as students. Some may teach similar to the way they learned, but also some changes have taken place.


One of the most evident changes in schooling is the resources used for high school education, moving away from physical books and towards the use of technology.


“Technology, that was the biggest difference. We didn’t have technology so it was a lot simpler,” said English teacher Mrs. Guthrie.


When changes come, generally they are good changes that moves things forward, like that of technology.


“Anybody at anytime can easily find new and interesting information,” said Physics teacher Mr. Clark. “If [students] have questions they can easily answer those questions very quickly. That makes people more self sufficient.”


Aside from the major movement of technology, the interaction between teachers and students has changed dramatically as well.


“Something that’s changed I think is the collaboration. I think the teachers lectured more when I was in school and they frown on that [now] which is good. Students are in groups a lot more and there’s a lot more collaboration,” said Mrs. Guthrie.


Although situations have shifted, one thing that stays the same is the students and their view on schooling, a relatable feeling that all students from every generation have felt.


“I hated school and my mom thinks that’s so funny that I ended up teaching,” said Mrs. Guthrie. “I just wanted to get out of school so I did what needed to be done and I didn’t pay much attention.”


Some teachers may have had a better experience, absorbing school education.


“I had a great time [in school]. I had lots of really inspiring teachers that made me really feel the value in passion of my education,” said Mr. Clark.


The teacher perspective on their high school experiences isn’t that far different from what we, the Summit students, already experience. We are all a product of how we were taught and the experiences we’ve had in high school, and that is one of the many things that makes us who we are today.


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