More Than Just A Dance Group

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Summit High School’s newest club is taking dancers by storm. Students, Keonna Burnett, Quindon Copper, and Tori Flowers have taken the initiative to begin The Mob. A hip-hop dance group whose primary goal is to not only spread their love for dance, but also create a family.

“It’s important to become a family so that the students that don’t feel like they belong feel like they do,” Burnett said. “Something I’ve learned from Mr. McCombs is that a school family is the equivalent to a support system. With that, we laugh together, cry together, and help each other in any ways we can.”

The Mob is a resourceful organization that not only provides a safe space for students to express themselves through dance, but to also look out for those who aren’t in a financial position to be a part of other dance organizations that require students to pay an extensive amount of money, which can range from almost $1,000 to $2,000 per school year.

Having the students’ best interest in mind, The Mob asks for students to pay only a small fee of $60. This will cover their uniform and a school T-shirt to bring awareness to their organization.

Choosing to separate themselves from being known as a Summit organization, The Mob was the name chosen to give the students their own identity. Only to receive the reputation for building this organization by student support and having the opportunity of entering dancing competitions that aren’t school based.

With community service in mind, The Mob also plans to give a lending hand around the community. Choosing to give a positive name to the team and sharing their love for dance at fundraisers by hosting performances.

“I’m most excited about helping more people getting involved in the pep rallies,” Burnett said. “ The experience and how fun school spirit really can be.”


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