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Good Readers, Better Writers

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There’s no doubt that Summit High School is the place to be! Though, according to our most recent English 1 EOC (End of Course Exam), SAT, and ACT scores, our literacy overall could use a little more support, and guidance.


“The results revealed that as far as reading and writing, our campus is not as successful as we’d like to be,” said Mr. Peters, the Academic Associate Principal here at Summit.


Furthermore, administration has given teachers and students the challenge to incorporate more reading and writing into their daily lives and classroom environment, through SSR (Sustained Silent Reading) time at the beginning of every english class, reading logs, and lesson summaries or critical writing in science and history classes.


“By allowing students class time to read and learn to enjoy it, I believe students’ learning will improve across the board, in all subjects,” said Mr. Pouncy, an Assistant Principal.


“We want to expose students to all sorts of ideas and stories… We’ve purchased more books for our library and classrooms, so that students can find books they enjoy, and learn to love reading. And by enjoying to read, you become a stronger reader, which will only broaden your opportunities to learn, and grow,” added Mr. Peters.


And with better reading skills, come stronger writing abilities.


“When you’re a strong reader, you’re typically a strong writer, too.” adds Mr. Peters.


And with the recent efforts taken, students are responding surprisingly well, according to Mrs. Waneck, a Pre AP English teacher who teaches freshmen.


“My freshmen students are really enjoying SSR time in class. Some of them who don’t typically read for pleasure like finding interesting books to independently read- it’s a lot different than reading books assigned to them,” said Mrs. Waneck.


In addition , it seems that teachers and administration confidently believe that the actions put in place will effectively produce great results, in turn, helping students in every way possible.


“All literacy is important when it comes to how ideas are made, and knowledge is exchanged. It’s one of the important building blocks of our society,” said Mr. Peters.

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Good Readers, Better Writers