A different perspective

Hai Dinh uses photos to share stories

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A different perspective

Imani Bingham, Editor

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Nights by the fire and ghost hunting with friends calls for stories and memories to be made. As a couple of teenagers adventure through the city under lights and living in the now, Hai Dinh captures the beauty of what it is to be a modern teenager.

Self taught and full of talent, sophomore Hai Dinh has a critical eye for photography. What first was just a way to capture memories of his friend has caught the attention of his followers on his social media accounts.

   “Even though he just started his skills are impeccable,” Allyssa Pham Said. “I’ve been photographed by other  photographers before but, the results were never as clear as his. I admire his vision and I’m happy to be apart of it.”

       But Dinh’s photos aren’t your ordinary selfies. Ranging from the varieties of lights and props he uses when shooting his friends and he offers a look into the vibrant life and fashion of a modern teenager.

“Fashion to me is about being yourself and to show your creativity based on what type of clothes you wear,” Angelo DeVera said.

 With talent also comes businesses. But Dinh has no interest in making 


 money off of his pictures as of now. Explaining that this is his passion and he sees a lot of space for improvement. He plans on reaching his full 

potential and having fun before charging his clients for pictures.


“I sometimes get hired for weddings,” Dinh said. “But as of now I do it for fun.” Yet with the  idea of improving Dinh is looking forward to opportunities of participating in contests. It’s a chance for him to see where he’s at compared to other photographers and get inspired in the process of 


of getting critiques from judges. With this he not only plans on growing as a 

photographer but, he’d like to for others to acknowledge and enjoy his work.

“I would encourage him to place himself in a few competitions,” Allyssa Pham Said. “But maybe in a few months when he’s much more comfortable.”

         Not only does Dinh receive support from his followers and friends but little sister Huong Dinh is very proud of her brother. She loves his passion for photography. She’s also glad they have grown closer due to their time spent together with friends shooting.

“We’re really close,” Huong said. “Being with him is like hanging out with my friends.”

Dinh plans on traveling one day to capture the beauties of the world. But as of now he will continue to create memories with his friends as they continue to keep track of how close they’ve gotten through his pictures.

“I enjoy taking pictures of my friends because it allows us to make memories,” Dinh said. “It’s nice to look back at them and see how close we’ve grown together.” 


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