Coming together

School, community joins to raise money for Emma Mutterer

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Coming together

Imani Bingham, Staff Writer

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On Wednesday, the school will host a fundraising dinner to benefit the family of assistant principal Jason Mutterer.

The proceeds from the meal, provided by Spring Creek Barbeque, will go to help cover the costs for his daughter Emma, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in November. The dinner will run from 5:30-8 p.m. Tickets, which are $12 for adults and $6 for children 12 and under, will be sold at the door.

The event is one of several fundraising efforts that have been held throughout the district.

“It means a lot to me that Emma has so much support here,” said Emma’s sister, sophomore Grace Mutterer. “ I’m extremely blessed to go to a school that loves and supports my family in its hard times.”

The community has reached out to the family in various ways other than the fundraising dinner, selling teal shirts and matching bracelets with the words “#EmmaStrong.” The hashtag has been circling the community in support of the Mutterer family.

“To me it’s very emotional and special,” Jason Mutterer said. “ I’ve been here for sixteen years, and to see students come together for us is pretty special for me as a dad.”

Organizations like the cheer team take advantage of every opening to get the word out for Emma. This including basketball games, as they wear their teal #Emmastrong shirts with matching pom poms. To make all of those who enter the building aware of the bond and support the students and staff have for the Mutterer family.

“I’m honestly very blessed to say I go to a school where helping others is our top priority,” Kiarah Vaughn said.” I really enjoyed showing everyone how much the cheerleaders care for and support Emma.”

Along with cheer, organizations like band and choir will be showing their support to the family by performing at the fundraiser dinner. Bringing the entire school together to show Emma that she is not alone.

“It shows that we all have kind hearts and that we all love one another,” Bible Nwabuokei said. “Even if they don’t  go to our school, but are included in our district,”

Emma continues to fight her battle strong with the support of all the community and her family. After several hospital stays, she just completed her third round of chemotherapy. She faces another chemo infusion next week. The support, however, has made things a bit easier.

“Cancer tends to isolate you but when a community comes together it really warms our heart,” Jason Mutterer said. “It reminds us that there are a lot of good people in this world who care more about individuals than themselves.”

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