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Students check out

Students check out

Students check out

Students check out

Yasmine Muhammad, Staff Writer

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Students had a chance to try something new on Wednesday as the school hosted its first club fair. The event, held during advisory period, promoted 34 clubs.

Students were provided a list of clubs and room numbers so they could make their way around to check out each one.

“The Club Fair went fantastic,” said Albert McCombs, the school’s Student Services Support Administrative Liaison. “Students were engaged, they were involved. They had the opportunity to find things they like to do and that they’re interested in.”

The fair was part of the district’s effort to increase student participation in clubs.

“Clubs and organizations are meant to provide students with ways to have fun and actively participate in and understand and the Jaguar Experience,” McCombs said.

Students seemed to enjoy the opportunity to get involved.

“I never knew what others clubs we had,” junior Nasim Muhammad said. “If it seems like a good club that I’m interested in, I would join.”

Teachers were getting involved too, starting new clubs and creating variety in the school activities to encourage students’ interests.

“We’re trying to start a movie club. We’ve had some people that have come, but not, so we’re still trying to get that off the ground,” Mr. Dewberry said.

McCombs said the clubs can create a more cohesive and friendly environment, bringing more interaction with other students and teachers.

“If students get involved in their school then activities and event experiences provided depth to their relationships at Summit. As our experiences deepen , so does our commitment and support in and out of the classroom,” Mr. McCombs said.

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