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Peers tab Doug Arnold teacher of the year

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Best of the best

Mia Moccaie, Staff Writer

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Summit Love comes from students all the time, but recently one of the teachers received an inordinate amount of that love. Doug Arnold was voted by his peers as teacher of the year for the 2016-17 school year.

Arnold is a wonderful teacher because of his ability to connect with his students, the way he teaches and how he can get students to do their work.

Not only do the students love him but the teachers do too. As a special education teacher, he co-teaches with several others, sharing their classrooms.

“He’s terrific to have in class and is a great motivator for the kids. Mr. Arnold can do everything, he knows everything. He can really connect to the kids and can actually get them to do work,” Mrs. Ellington said.

His students also show a huge amount of love and respect for him because of what Mr. Arnold does for them.

“He helps me with my work and solves any situations I have,” senior Fahim Khan said. “He has always been there for me and any student to have him are very lucky because he cares so much.”

Arnold has spent most of his life doing that. Before teaching, he worked as a teenage drug and alcohol counselor. He also worked with children with special needs.

“I have always had a passion for helping teenagers with troubles,” Arnold said.

He has been teaching for 23 years, so his experience has grown through teaching different kinds of children. Through his experience he narrowed down what the most important part of being a teacher is.

“There is a balance between supporting teaches and communicating with parents and I feel that the students’ success motivates me to be the best teacher I can be.”  

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