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PIDSAL program makes students think twice

Imani Bingham, Staff Writer

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Screams and cries fill the air. What used to be the road is now a blur of glass and blood. The air is heavy due to the lack of breathing. Distracted driving and drunk driving causes these scenarios. This is one of the U.S leading causes for teenage death.

    In fear of MISD students being placed in this setting. Put it down, save life works with seniors and juniors on being knowledgeable about the consequences of driving under the influence or driving while distracted. Exposing students to a rather graphics and realistic crash course. Not only will they hands on see a reenactment of a fatal car crash but also over the intercom every 15 minutes a heart beat was played to remind students that every 15 minutes someone dies of a car crash.

     In result of the assembly and the challenge events during the two-day event. Students became well aware and fearful of being placed under these situations. Expressing that some of the things that were mentioned in the assembly like texting while driving was one thing they’ve become accustomed to. Now they will think twice before endangering themselves and other drivers while driving.

     “Some of the things I learned was that you shouldn’t text and drive,” senior Rodney Ogenche said. “Even a glimpse at your phone can take someone’s life instantly.”

       In addition to the event, Put It Down Save A Life held an assembly where a father who has been affected by distracted driving spoke up on the importance of paying attention on the road. His daughter was an A&M student who had her entire life taken for a turn due to the actions of a distracted driver. Making her paralyzed and unable to complete tasks. Students were emotionally aware of how strong of an impact a small glimpse elsewhere can change us forever.

    “It was a very emotional assembly,” senior Myles Sample said. “It really opened my eyes as to what can happen if you don’t die in a drunk driving accident.”

      But it wasn’t only students who had their eyes open to the danger of driving under the influence or distracted. Teachers as well expressed their fear for students during the summer and prom season. Wishing that they remain safe and able to choose the better option and that this event will help them accomplish that.

     “I hope that they realize one wrong decision can have a lifetime consequence,” Assistant Principal Renee Cox. “That it’s not always the guilty party that pays the price.”

       The hope is that students would think twice before getting behind the wheel and re-evaluate their decisions and the safety of others. The organization has made sure of it by providing bracelets for every students who attended the events with the words, “Put It Down, Save A Life” to continuously remind them of the experience they have gained from this event.

     “It made me realize that your mistakes behind the wheel can change not only your life but someone else’s forever,” senior Cierra Lockhart said. “I will definitely make sure I hold myself accountable and make good decisions while driving.”

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