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AcaDec takes third at state

Imani Bingham, Staff Writer

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Thirty seven medals and more $7,000 worth of scholarship money was gained at the 5A Academic Decathlon State Competition in El Paso By the AcaDec team. After preparing throughout this school year the team placed third, which allowed each student to receive $500 in scholarship money.

      “I’m most proud of our perfect super quiz score and finishing 3rd in the state,” AcaDec sponsor Melanie Atkinson said. “It took the whole team to achieve this goal.”

      Yet two individual students gained scholarship money for placing high in their overall varsity team. Caleb Venerable placed third overall, which came with $1,500 scholarship money. Jacob Shotski placed fifth overall and receiving $750.

      “It felt great placing third because it shows what I’ve accomplished,” Venerable said. “But in reality the money will being going to the whole for college. But I can’t complain because I’m very grateful.”

      This experience was enjoyable for all the students who attended the state competition. Going on to share that spending time with one another feels more as a family trip rather than a competition.

      “The best part about it is being able to bond together,” Jacob Weaver said. “We eat together, we sleep in the same hotel. Just three days with these people make us bond together.”

        Though they all agree that their time in El Paso as a team was enjoyable. For some students who are seniors it is slowly coming to their reality that this will be their last year participating with this team. This win has not only become a source of happiness but a bittersweet feel. As the seniors leave their mark underclass men say they will be missed.

          “As a senior this is my last year and first year on the team,” Uzair Saleem said. “There was a lot of pressure because this year they changed the region. I believed they changed like three times. Though Summit still managed to win.”

     As previously stated the AcaDec team had a successful outcome from their endless work ethics throughout the school year. In honor of their achievements students wore their medals the day back to school from their competition. Showing pride in their accomplishments. Now they look forward to the goals ahead of them.

     “Well we are getting ready to recruit a new team,” Atkinson said. “So our goal is to recruit people who would want to be at the top.”

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AcaDec takes third at state