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Tough choices

Candidates failing to impress first-time voters

Kaitlyn Trevey, Staff Writer

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Election day is fast approaching and some students will get to have their first chance to vote. For this election the main two candidates are Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

This election has been really big given the status of both Clinton and Trump. However, while most people claim to be paying attention to pretty much everything that goes on with the election, some seem to only know the bare minimum of what is currently going on.

“I don’t really think students are paying much attention to the election this year. But they do at least know the names of the candidates because they are both infamous,” Government teacher Marilyn Ellington said.

It is, however, because of their infamy that the other is gaining supporters. Some students say that Trump is the better choice because of the E-mail Scandal surrounding the former Secretary of State. Or, the vote will be casted for Trump in an attempt to keep Clinton out of office.

“[I’m voting for] Trump because I don’t want Hillary in,” senior Briana Hook said.

However, there are some who are casting their vote for Hillary because of the poor money management that Trump has displayed in the past or to just keep him out of the office. This infamy from both sides has swayed the opinions of some students to that of the third party.  

“I dislike the main candidates,” said Senior Brendan Klumpp, who is casting his vote for Garry Johnson, the Libertarian candidate.

With this election going on during the age of Social Media and the Internet, information regarding the candidates has spread like wildfire since the beginning of the race. Such as the listings for the third-party candidates. Rumors were spread and campaigns funded.

“With the Internet, things that are said and done by the candidates can be twisted around easily,” Brown said.

While the internet may be a large factor, it certainly isn’t the only one. The candidates’ behavior is drawing attention from young voters as well.

In the second Presidential Debate, Donald Trump downplayed many of his inappropriate comments as nothing more than “Locker Room” talk. This, combined with his constant stream of unchecked facts have quite possibly hurt his chances.

“Personally, I believe that Trump has been humiliating himself this whole campaign” Lindsay said.

He isn’t the only one.

“I was originally really excited to vote in this election, but after we found out who the two front runners were I wasn’t nearly as excited,” senior Hope Untz said

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Tough choices